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Enviromental Sustainability
Enviromental Sustainability

Our Commitment
In the medical device industry, packaging that maintains product integrity and sterility are paramount. We understand that responsible packaging uses the least amount of materials, reduces carbon footprint and enhances product sustainability.

Our portfolio of packaging solutions are designed to promote less packaging waste and smaller carbon footprints, compared to traditional medical device packaging, while still providing the highest quality of protection. Our products are biocompatible, recyclable and EU Directive 94/62/EC compliant.

We believe that having sound environmental policies in place will help protect the world’s resources, improve our operational efficiency, and create even more environmentally-friendly products in the future.

Product Sustainability/Our Products
CleanCut Technologies offers a complete portfolio of environmentally sustainable medical device packaging solutions including:

  • Clipless Guidewire & Catheter Dispenser – Reduces waste by 20-25% when compared to traditional catheter packaging of using clips, which generate excessive packaging waste and bulk. In addition, the footprint of shippers and cartons are reduced as well.
  • Dispenser Integrated System Kit “DISK” – The DISK is the combination of the Clipless Dispenser bonded to a HDPE backer card. It retains multiple procedural components in an all-in-one system. The need to manufacturer extra pouches, shelf cartons and corrugated shipping boxes is not necessary and therefore the impact on natural resources is minimal. When compared to a traditional clipped dispenser packaging configuration, the Dual Hoop Catheter DISK reduces packaging waste by 20-30%. This reduction when multiplied by the tremendous volume of medical products that are transported across the globe, results in a significant impact in supporting long-term ecological balance.
  • HDPE Pouch Cards – Ultra-thin, lightweight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pouch cards can efficiently replace bulky thermoformed trays by using just enough material to secure a product. This smaller footprint results in reduced pouch and carton size. By design, once a card is no longer needed, it can be rolled up to a fraction of its size for ease of disposal and recycling.
  • Cartons – All cartons and shippers are designed to reduce material footprints and can be recycled.
  • Pad Printing – our pad printing process uses biocompatible USP Class VI medical grade ink to ensure strict compliance with regulatory requirements in the US and Europe.
  • 3D Printing – Printing 3D samples before developing packaging material, saves material resources by eliminating the need to manufacture multiple fixtures.

Source Reduction
CleanCut Technologies medical device packaging products are designed to provide maximum device protection while using the least amount of materials. Less material results in lighter packaging, reduced space, smaller cartons and shippers, a smaller number of pallets, and requires fewer truckloads and shipments. Source reduction also provides a more efficient use of electricity, water, gas, and the conservation of raw materials.

Waste Management & Recycling
Best practices are embraced to operate an energy efficient facility including;

  • All scrap plastic, cardboard, wood, and office paper is sorted and dispositioned to local recycling companies
  • Recycling efforts have increased by strategically placing receptacles for glass, plastic, metal cans, and paper, throughout the facility.
  • Water conservation is always a top priority. Our facility uses water efficient fixtures.
  • Energy efficient fluorescent bulbs and auto turn-off motion sensors our used in our office space, production floor and warehouse.
  • Only green solvents and cleaning materials are used in maintenance and housekeeping.
  • A hazardous waste management service is used to pick up barrels of hydraulic oil and any expired ink.

CleanCut Technologies is committed to providing the highest level of quality product, service and innovative designs to our customers. We are committed to adhering to the FDA’s QSR’s and we meet or exceed all local, state and federal environmental regulations.

  • Our Medical Device Packaging Facility Class 7 & 8 Clean Rooms are ISO 14644 and ISO 13485 certified – providing the cleanest packaging and assembly in the industry
  • CleanCut Technologies products are manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices.
  • We procure the materials we convert into medical device packaging. No chemicals are added in the converting process.