State-of-the-Art Facilities Produce State-of-the-Art Results


Our Class 7 & 8 Clean Rooms are ISO 14644 and ISO 13485 certified – providing the cleanest medical device packaging and assembly in the industry

CleanCut Technologies’ spacious 22,000 square-foot production area in Anaheim, CA is state-of-the-art and features:

Most of our medical device packaging products are manufactured in our Class 100,000 (Class 8) cleanroom and then transported into our Class 10,000 (Class 7) cleanroom for additional assembly, cleaning, inspection, double polybagging and labeling.

Over 500 companies worldwide trust CCT as an Approved Supplier for their packaging and contract manufacturing needs. Our 22,000 square foot controlled manufacturing environments (CME), process controls and stringent quality systems ensure ongoing compliance to the FDA QSR’s requirements. CleanCut’s cleanrooms and testing areas are certified to ISO 14644 and ISO 13485 standards to provide the cleanest packaging and assembly in the industry.

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