Sustainability CleanCut Technologies

Our Commitment

CleanCut Technologies takes our responsibility of protecting the environment very serious. We continue to design and implement products, programs and best practices that reduce our impact on the planet and conserve our valuable resources – while providing the highest quality of medical device packaging.

Economic Sustainability
The company began operating in the year 2000 and has continued to be profitable by making forward-thinking and sound decisions related to product development and processes.
By developing innovative, cutting-edge products for the medical device industry, and continuing to follow best practices, we expect this success to continue long term.
Environmental Sustainability
We understand that responsible packaging uses the least amount of materials, reduces carbon footprint and enhances product sustainability.
Our packaging solutions are designed to do just that, yet continue to provide the highest quality of protection. Our products are biocompatible, recyclable and EU Directive 94/62/EC compliant.
Having sound environmental policies will help protect the world’s resources, improve our operational efficiency, and create even more environmentally-friendly products in the future.
Social Sustainability

We are committed to contributing to the health, safety and wellness of our employees. A variety of healthy lifestyle resources and programs are offered to employees to utilize.
We also feel that we have a responsibility to
give back to the community in which we live and work and encourage our employees to volunteer their time. In that spirit, we have partnered with several very worthy organizations in Orange County.